Fibre Fables

weavers, craft, craftsman, carpet, rug, textile, tapestry, art, collaboration

A Fibre Fables, an exhibition in collaboration with artists and weavers by The Raj Group, Panipat.
At the Stainless Gallery, New Delhi India
22nd November 2015 to 10th January 2016 • 
Curated by Shailin Smith


True to what the word Sahyog (collaboration) means; this piece is a result of trials and exchange of ideas between me and the weavers. This large 5x7ft tufting piece is the creative blend of our (artist and weaver) ideas, suggestions, temperaments, skills, and the bond we share.


Material: Yellow & Red wool + Framed artworks: Ink on paper
Technique: Tufting
Dimension: Height 7ft x Width 5ft (84in x 60in)


Kabir, a 15th-century Indian mystic poet and saint, the master weaver had always simplified the earnest philosophy of life with day-to-day examples. In this rendition, he expressed the human’s body, lifecycle metaphorically with the elements and process of weaving. This 3x8ft piece is executed with the braiding technique. This braiding medium gave me the same fluidity and freedom as ink to render the beautiful doha (verse), in the unison of weavers.


Material: Various shades of natural wool • Technique: Braiding
Dimension: Height 8ft x Width 3ft (96in x 36in)


This artwork is an abstract interpretation of weavers’ relation with their work. In Hindi, kar means hand, kari means craftsmanship, kaar means craftsman and kora means raw cloth—they all come together to create magic. This total 9x7.5ft piece comprises of five separate panels, made partly by machine and partly by hand tufting. The white on white’s subtle variations; very finely; create a spiritual connection between the weavers and their work.


Material: Various shades of white wool + Gold lurex + Scissors
Technique: Tufting
Dimension: Height 107in x Width 90in

Exhibition images: Thiru S.