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Small in size but can hold big decisions! Perfect place to jot down quick thoughts or sudden ideas for your new projects or simply to write reminders or secrets.

A set of 3 notebooks

Embroidery with golden thread as an embellishment

Size: 10.5 x 15 cm

Cover: Fabric fused paper

88 unruled, natural coloured pages


Note: The above design is to give an idea of overall look & feel. You may receive a different composition and that is intentional. Please read the story behind this. I wish you to enjoy the beauty of randomness which creates one of a kind pieces and I promise you will love them.

pocket notebook (A6 size)

  • While exploring the idea of collages for my artworks emerged the curiosity to see what unfolds when letters are cut into pieces and rearranged or used in parts. These experiments, where I take my passion to deconstruct letterforms lead me to design a new collection of products – giving them a newer canvas.

    A large Devanagri artwork was digitally printed on cotton fabric and later cut to give it various compelling forms of products like notebooks, cards, envelopes, pouches etc. It is an unplanned experiment without any fixed decisions that lent me to explore the different dimension of a letter-form.

    These cutouts then got folded, wrapped, sewen so beautifully that each side displays an artwork itself. It is delightful to see twirling strokes hidden behind the folds or complementing the solid black with tiny ink splash or texture on flap opens to a white space, ultimately offers varied range of compositions and makes each design unlike the other.

    I hope you will appreciate this experiment and enjoy using these products as much as I enjoyed creating them.

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