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This series named ‘Varnamala’ (alphabets) is inspired by and rooted in the beautiful Devanagri script, and celebrates the ideals of unity, diversity, humanity, and oneness, using letters as a metaphor. I draw parallels between the constitution of letters and human beings, through the lens of diversity, co-existence, and togetherness.


I feel we humans can learn so much by observing the letters of the Devanagari script. Every letter has an individual personality, with a distinct sound, shape, and weight. Despite these differences, they are all part of a cohesive system, working together harmoniously. For instance, there is no concept of upper-case (capital) and lower-case (small) letters in this script. All letters are at the same level—no hierarchy, no discrimination in terms of position—perhaps an ideal to strive towards in human society too? Also, this script allows one to write exactly how a word is spoken, reflecting a certain honesty and purity of expression.

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